Global NFT (PFP) Project with Mon-nan-ee, Happiertown!

OH! LOLLY DAY! (https://www.oh-lolly-day.com/ ), which runs Happiertown, was founded in 2014 by Lolly and Josh, and has become a nine-year brand with 26 team members this year. Starting with the mission of "OH! LOLLY DAY! makes your life happier," OH! LOLLY DAY!, which produces and distributes more than 800 lifestyle products, has become a solid brand that doubles every year in the midst of the pandemic as they continue to challenge for someone's happiness. And now, starting with the Happiertown NFT Project, they're trying to find a 'form of happiness' in the virtual reality world. Enjoy new experiences and special holder benefits at Happiertown, a powerful PFP project that transcends the real and virtual worlds!

Website : https://happier.town/

Community : https://discord.com/invite/happiertown

Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/happier-town-official Pala: https://pala.io/klaytn/collection/4e24762be544f0af9235ffad146f39bbe0ec7800

Xclusive : https://xclusive.market/marketplace/happier-town-official

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